A entrevista de trabalho


The skiffs were getting you a job. Good salary, good office, good shifts. You saw it on the paper and clearly had your name on it. Your face, your life. Just like your matched Cinderella’s shoe. And now you’re sitting there waiting to sign the contract, nothing more.

Two men seated on each side of a desk. High ceiling. Cool temperature.
– For this job you must have a girl friend. Do you have a girl friend?
– No, I don’t!
– Alright, so you can leave. Thank you and good day.
– Good day? But do you think is that easy to have a girl friend?
– Yes, it is.
– Are you crazy? I don’t have a girl friend for ages and the last time I got laid was with someone I don’t even remember the face. I was so drunk!
– I dispense the details. Have a nice day.
– Do you think I want to have your stupid job? “Must have a girl friend”. You moron.
– I will call the security now.
– Girl friends? You and your stupid casino, your little sampans, your fake Latinos.
– “Security, please come to my office!”
– The fucking skiffs. The kayaks. Your gondoliers!
A guard enters the room.
– Please, take this man away.
– Do you think I care how many girl friends you have? How many times you kiss them? DO YOU THINK I CARE?
The guard opens the window and throws the man out.
He lands on a small lifeboat that was passing by through the canal. He lands on the top of a woman. Right on her lap.
He asks:
– Excuse me for the short time and manners but do you want do be my girl friend?