And there she was


I was glad I finally made it and was about to get myself going. For good. That was it, the end of the whole story. No more words, no more lines of the chapter. It was really “The End”. Bye bye!

I was not going to call her. All I wanted was to leave. For good. Speechless.
– Will you call me when you get there? Will you send me your number? Your address?

She was not getting it. She could not understand a bit of my heart. As she never did. I kept asking myself: “What took me so long?”, “Why?”. I could never tell. Was it because of her beauty? Yes, she was astonishingly beautiful. Was it her care for me, her voice, the way she could make love to me? Her body?

– I packed all your things. Your gun is in the red suitcase.

I was armed, we never know what comes next, so, as a precaution, I keep a gun on hand, just in case. I bought it in China Town and I use silver bullets in it. A werewolf might come just around the corner. We are not safe anywhere. Anymore.

– Your car keys are in the side pocket of your jacket.

I sold my car the week before. I guess what she was giving me was just what was left of it. A souvenir. I had an accident long time before and I almost crashed on her. Wheel spinning. That’s how we met. I was taking the train now. One way ticket, to the far-off country. I would be unreachable and that would be my future existence, away from her. That’s where I was heading.

– Bill? – She said.

I didn’t want to look back. I didn’t care anymore. I could no longer hear anything. At that moment I have tuned her by mistake. I was just about to go off her grid. With my red suitcase on my left hand and my coat up into my arm. So long. Farewell.

– Yes? – I said.
– Will you miss me?

That’s how she used to do. But not this time. She wouldn’t crush me any longer. I turned myself and kissed her goodbye.

– Goodbye! – I heard myself saying. I was not even there anymore.

She was wearing a white shirt and some jeans. Nothing particularly special. She was not wearing make-up. She was incredibly remarkable, as always. Her eyes were just like some little demons. I couldn’t stand them. But I stood there just for one more second. Wholly the last one. I breathed in, I breathed out. Nothing else.

– Will you miss me?

Inhale. Exhale. The lamps on her eyes turned me on. Where was I going? My suit fell out on the floor. “It’s just a minute”, I told myself. “And that’s it”. No more!

– Will you?

I couldn’t stand me any longer. The next minute I was kissing her madly. I was scratching out her blouse. Unbelting myself down. What was I doing there? My God! I was repeating myself for the hundredth time. Would I care about the minute after? Would I do it again? This endless departure. I just wanted to hold her. To do everything with her in no time. The “after” would come at its own time, hitting me hard.

– No! – I said – I won’t miss you for a damn second! – By that time we were barely naked and the Werewolf was not around. It was in me.