Lady Grinning Soul

“Lady Grinning Soul” is a ballad written by David Bowie, which is the final track on the album Aladdin Sane, released in 1973. The composer’s first meeting with American soul singer Claudia Lennear in 1972 is often cited as the inspiration for the song.

Creep on Creepin’ On

Timber Timbre is a Canadian folk music project, featuring Taylor Kirk, Simon Trottier and Mika Posen. The moniker refers to an early series of recordings made in a timber-framed cabin set in the wooded outskirts of Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

Dust it Off

The Dø is a French/Finnish indie pop band founded in Paris in 2005. The band is Olivia Merilahti (singer and musician) and Dan Levy (multi-instrumentalist), backed on stage by three different drummers. Their first studio album “A Mouthful” topped the French charts in 2008, making them the first French act singing in English to reach that position.


The National is an indie rock band formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1999 and currently based in Brooklyn. They have been compared to Joy Division, Leonard Cohen, Wilco and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. The name was chosen because it “didn’t mean anything” and the lyrics are written and sung by Matt Berninger, a baritone.

Síndrome de Alice no País das Maravilhas

Far from small enough to you. That’s a disease that comes often when you think too much. When your mind is not enough for everything you observe. So you see everything smaller. So it can fit inside of your little brain.

Your Favourite Sky

I Am Kloot is an English band formed in Manchester, in 1999 by John Bramwell (guitar/vocals), Peter Jobson (bass) and Andy Hargreaves (drums). The big-sounding trio make an epic dominance into songs of dark wit, grainy texture and often startling emotional power.

A Pact

As early as 1909, Ezra Pound knew the poetry of Walt Whitman and the Whitman myth; and he felt obliged to claim kinship with the older poet. At the outset of his career, he wrote of Whitman, “I honour him for he prophesied me while I can only recognize him as a forebear of whom I ought to be proud.”


O. Children are a London, UK-based band formed by Tobi O’Kandi (singer), Andi Sleath (drums), Gauthier Ajarrista (guitarist) and Harry James (bass), and took their name from a song by Nick Cave after O’Kandi and Sleath were previously in the controversial band, Bono Must Die, which broke up after a law suit by Bono himself. In 2008 they came back enlisted the other members of the actual project

Bom dia!

“Piece of Sheet”, assim mesmo, sem tradução para português, talvez um dia terá, mas não agora. Pedaço de folha? Sim, mas muito mais do que isso. Coisas implícitas. Coisas mal ditas. Coisas no fio da navalha. Atira-se ao ar e baralha-se de novo. Lê-se.